CRDW 75/15-1M

75mm Railed Heatshrink Repair Sleeve - 1m


75mm Railed Heatshrink Repair Sleeve - 1m .

Adhesive lined, heatshrink wraparound sleeve comes complete with a flexible stainless-steel locking channel. This provides a permanent closure system. The heatshrink is covered with a thermochromatic paint which changes colour when achieving the correct shrink temperature.

Wraparound heatshrink is easy to install in situ over live cable without cutting the cable or shutting down power. Used for general re-jacketing and sealing applications, and for protection of damaged cable or repair of cable joints.

Key Features

  • Shrink ratio of 3:1.
  • Operating temperaure -55°C to +110°C.
Material: Cross Linked Polyolefin
Standard Colours: Black
Shrink Ratio: >3:1
Operating Temperature: -30˚C to +70˚C
Shrink Temperature: 120˚C
Tensile Strength: 17 MPa
Elongation: 350% Min.
Tensile Strength After Heat Aging: 168 Hours at 150˚C 14MPa
Elongation After Heat Aging: 168 Hours at 150˚C 300% Min.
Carbon Black Content for UV Resistance: 2% Min.
Low Temperature Flexibility: No Cracking at -40˚C
Longitudinal Shrinkage: 10% Max.
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More Information
SKUCRDW 75/15-1M
TypeHeatshrink Repair Sleeve - Including Rail
Halogen FreeYes
Length (mm)1000
Max ID Recovered (mm)15
Pack Size1
Recovered Wall Thickness2.3
Size mm75