Call Off Orders and the Need for Purchasing Flexibility

If you’re involved in importing cable accessories, you will be aware of the challenges that can arise, even if they do not directly affect you. Chinese New Year and Christmas are (obviously) annual disruptions, while Brexit is posing actual and potential problems arising from both uncertainty and increased bureaucracy. All of this, though, has been eclipsed by the increase in raw material costs and global shipping disruption, Oh! And a Coronavirus pandemic just for good measure.

Over recent months, lockdown gave us pause for thought about our part in the supply chain and how we deliver our products and services. Especially moving forward in an economic climate likely to be vastly changed in the short to medium term. Cablecraft remains committed to our customer first approach, and amongst other changes designed to support them we are now offering flexible solutions to help them through what may be a tough and longer recovery period.

  • Fixed pricing for 12 months
  • Pay as you use
  • Next day delivery
  • Volume discounts
  • Ring-fenced stock
  • Product quality and consistency guaranteed

A key element of that support is our Call Off Order facility. A call off order with Cablecraft guarantees availability and continuity of products with fixed pricing for the duration of the term. Cablecraft ring-fence and hold the products in stock ready for delivery when required. Working to customers' own timelines means we can give them the flexibility that they need, holding their allocated products in stock until they are needed.

Taking advantage of our Call Off Order facility can ease cash flow issues, lock in prices for up to 12 months and is combined with a fixed or variable JIT next day delivery service at any time within that period. Single batch orders also offer complete peace of mind regarding product quality and consistency. Our Call Off service can also protect businesses from potential complications such as another COVID wave, Christmas shutdowns and Chinese New Year delays.

We invoice per delivery, spreading the cost over the length of the agreement. In most cases, the entire order will be manufactured in one go and held in stock. It’s a simple, flexible solution that offers customers real peace of mind at a time of unparalleled uncertainty. We all know how timelines can shift on large projects, creating an operational nightmare. Our call off facility allows you to rest easy knowing your stock is safely stored and price-locked in until you need it - taking a major load off your mind.

Cablecraft enjoys partnerships with many contractors and have existing agreements in place, all of which are tailored to specific requirements. Our capability to deliver bespoke solutions, flexible storage and tailored delivery schedules positions us to meet ever-emerging customer requirements in an ever-changing marketplace.

Next working-day delivery is standard to most of the mainland UK, and we offer same-day deliveries, distance and time permitting. If you call before 4pm, if we can ship it, we will. If you need cables accessories delivered outside the UK, our dedicated export team is on hand. Offering a fast and comprehensive service, supplying you with export packaging, essential paperwork and certificates.

Call one of our team on 01582 606033 to discuss your requirements or email