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Custom Pre-Printed Laser Engraved Labels & Tags

Engraved Switches


NEW! Our engraving experts can now engrave on a wide range of electrical sockets and switches to suit your specific requirements. We are able to engrave on a range of materials and infill in a variety of colours! Simply contact us for a quotation! 

Our in-house state-of-the-art digital engraving machines enable us to engrave labels with great precision and accuracy. Engraving is controlled by computerised software and every order is subject to a meticulous procedure at every stage. We can supply a large range so please contact us  to discuss your requirements. Call us on 01582 606033, or simply send us your requirements on an Excel spreadsheet to, and we will do the rest! 


We use carefully selected materials including flexible Laserply and Laserflex or rigid Traffolyte. Laserply/Laserflex is a versatile material, its flexibility makes it ideal for mounting on curved or non-flat surfaces. Traffolyte is a rigid multi-layered laminate, ideal for environments where long term durability is essential. 

Laserply/Laserflex Material                         Traffolyte Material

laserflex example          traffolyte example


Engraving Options

• Available in virtually any shape or size.

• Available in a variety of colours.

• Available with straight, rounded or bevelled edges.

• Available with fixing holes or a permanent self-adhesive backing.

• Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.   

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