46mm Black Heatshrink Repair Sleeve - 0.41m


46mm Black Heatshrink Repair Sleeve - 0.41m.

Heatshrink wraparound sleeves are manufactured from cross-linked polyolefin. The hot melt adhesive inner lining, which melts during shrinking, solidifies to form a permanent seal. The rail-less design provides simple installation with clamshell design. The high shrink ratio covers irregular shapes.

Can be easily installed in cable insulation repair and splice applications and provides excellent insulation and protection for cable jackets.

Key Features

  • Shrink ratio of 3:1.
  • Operating temperaure -55°C to +110°C.
Material: Cross Linked Polyolefin with thermoplastic adhesive liner
Standard Colours: Black
Operating Temperature: -55˚C to +110˚C
Shrink Temperature: 120˚C
Tensile Strength: 19Mpa
Elongation: 600%
Heat Shock: 4 Hours at 225˚C, No cracking or flowing. Low temperature flexibility - no break at -55°C.
Dielectric Strength: 28 kV/mm Min.
Chemical Resistance: Good resistance to hydraulic fluid, lubricating oil and diesel fuel.
Standards: Meets ICEA and NEMA insulation thickness specifications. NATO stock number accredited. RoHS compliant.
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More Info
More Information
TypeHeatshrink Repair Sleeve Wraparound
Length (mm)410
Max ID Recovered (mm)14
Pack Size1
Recovered Dia14
Recovered Wall Thickness2
Size mm46
Supplied Dia. (min) mm46