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Crimping Procedure:
• Strip a 5 mm length of insulation from the end of the wire to be terminated, ensuring that insulation is stripped without damage to the conductor strands.

• Slightly twist the stripped conductor strands so that no ‘whiskers’ are formed. Position the connector in the crimping tool jaws so that the raised flange butts against the tool locator bar.

• Squeeze the tool handles together until the connector is just held in position by the ratchet action. Insert the wire (or wires if two are to be crimped simultaneously) into the connector barrel, then complete the crimp by closing the two handles together.

• On completion, the handles of the crimp tool will spring apart to open the jaws and release the formed joint. Routine checks should be made to ensure the tool is crimping correctly.

• To test, first strip a length of either size cable such that the crimp will only grip the conductor. Then check that the crimp will withstand the pull-off forces detailed in the following table.
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