Black 25mm Self Amalgamating Tape - 10m Reel


Black 25mm Self Amalgamating Tape - 10m Reel

Cablecraft's self amalgamating black tape produces strong waterproof joints which insulate and prevent corrosion. It's simple, after the tape has been stretched and wrapped around cables, joints, pipes etc, it gradually amalgamates (or flows) into itself.

Key Features

  • Clean removal
  • Non-hardening.
  • Long life-span.
  • Compatible with all extruded dielectric cable insulations.
  • Excellent physical and electrical properties.
  • Excellent resistance to ozone & prolonged immersion in water.
  • Non-tacky, clean and easy application.
  • Rapid self-amalgamation when applied under tension.
  • Void-free, homogenous insulation without the need for heat or pressure.
  • RoHS Compliant
Colours: Black
Standards: Tested to ASTM D149
Total thickness: 0.5mm
Dielectric strength: 53Kv/mm
Elongation at break: 650%
Tensile strength: 2MPa
Temperature resistance: -40 to 90°C
Approvals: RoHS compliant
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More Information
TypeSelf-Amalgamating Black Tape
Pack (m)10
Pack Size1
Product TypeAmalganating Tape
Thickness (mm)0.5
Width (mm)25