WAGO 224-101

Wago 2 Way Lighting Connector


The 224 series Lighting Connector, connects solid conductors with fine-stranded conductors. Due to its approval as independent equipment according to EN 60998, the lighting connectors of the 224 series can be used in nearly all electrical connections where a connection between solid and fine-stranded conductors is required for household and similar purposes in buildings.

It is a quick, push-in connection of solid conductors at the installation side. This quick and easy connection of fine-stranded conductors is at the lighting side by pressing the block together, without the need for any tools.

Key features
  • Connects solid with fine-stranded conductors
  • Installation side: 1.0-2.5mm² solid
  • Lighting side: 0.5-2.5mm² solid & fine-stranded

How it works
  1. Strip both conductors to 9-11mm
  2. Insert the solid conductor fully into the installation side
  3. To connect the lighting side squeeze together the housing and insert the conductor fully, then release to complete the connection
  4. To remove the installation side, simply twist and pull the conductor at the same time. To remove the lighting side squeeze together the housing and pull out the conductor

Product Video
Current Rating: 24A
Nominal Voltage: 400V
Continuous operating temperature: 105˚C
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More Information
SKUWAGO 224-101
Depth (mm)20.4
Height (mm)15.5
Pack Size100
Width (mm)8