Neoprene Sleeve Black 3mm

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Neoprene Sleeve Black 3mm
Neoprene Sleeve Black 3mm
Neoprene binding sleeves are made from highly elastic extruded Polychloroprene Rubber quality 3490. Pre-lubricated as standard (CH12-CH25). Available in 12 colours for easy identification, the diameters range from 1.2mm to 20mm. Custom lengths to order. Cablecraft Neoprene sleeves are best applied using the Cablecraft expanding tools.
Material: Polychloroprene Rubber Quality 3490
Standard Colours: Black, blue, brown, green/yellow, grey, orange, pink, red, violet, white and yellow.
Service Temperature Range: -30ºC - +90ºC
Short Time Temperature: 110°C
Shore Hardness A: 40±5
Tensile Strength at Break: > 6.5Mpa
Ultimate Elongation: > 500%
Tear Strength: > 10kN/m
Dielectric Strength: >13 kV/mm
Volume Resistivity: 4x109 cm.
Flame Resistance: V0 UL94
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to mineral and vegetable oils, aromatic fuels, acids and alkalis.
Material Specification: BS3858 type 1.
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More Information
Type Neoprene Sleeving
Colour Black
Material Polychloroprene Rubber Quality 3490
Internal Ø D(mm) 3
Max OD of Cable mm 6
Length (mm) 15
Pack Size 1000
Wall Thickness (mm) 0.75