Martindale Analogue Fuse Finder

Part no: MARFD500
Martindale Analogue Fuse Finder Martindale Analogue Fuse Finder
Martindale Analogue Fuse Finder

The analogue Martindale Fuse Finder Kit (FD500) finds which fuse or breaker controls a circuit. It also enables tracing from socket to socket on a circuit. The transmitter (FD500/T) takes its power from the mains and emits a signal which the adjustable sensitivity receiver (FD500/R) can pick up. This combination can easily distinguish the appropriate circuit, even on a crowded fuse board. Sensitive analogue adjustment by thumb wheel finds the right breaker rapidly.

The FD500 fuse finder kit is supplied with a transmitter, receiver, batteries and instruction manual.

Key Features

  • Easy location of fuses and breakers
  • Simple thumbwheel adjustment of sensitivity
  • For use on live circuits
  • Socket to socket tracing
  • Audible and visual indication
FD500 Transmitter
Voltage Rating: 230V
Frequency Range: 30-70Hz
Switching Frequency: 5Hz approx.
Transmission Pulse Width: 1.7µS approx.
Transmission Pulse: 20A max
Earth Leakage: Nil
Power Consumption: 1W approx.
IP Rating: IP20
Supply: from mains
Dimensions: 65 x 65 x 50mm
Weight: 65g approx.
FD500 Receiver
Tracing Depth for Fuse Assignment: 0-10cm approx. depending on local conditions
Sensitivity Setting: rotary
Temperature Range: -10°C to 40°C at max 60% RH
IP Rating: IP20
Supply: 9V battery, MN1604/PP3, (included)
Weight: 135g approx. incl battery
Dimensions: 160 x 55 x 30mm
Complies with: EMC standards
FD500 Kit includes: FD500/R receiver, FD500/T transmitter, battery
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