8mm Braided Sleeving Grey - 100m


8mm Braided Sleeving Grey - 100m.

Braided sleeving is lightweight, self-fitting and flexible sleeving that provides tough protection for bundles, wires, cables and flexible pipe systems. Ideal for use in automotive, control panel installation, rail traction and rolling stock, aerospace, military vehicles, submarines, ships and data telecommunications.

The push back expansion effect of this product enables a few sizes to cover a range of applications.Braided sleeving readily expands, which makes installation efficient even over large diameter transitions and around bends. Low smoke, low toxicity and halogen-free. Available in black or grey as standard. Other colours are available on request; red, blue, yellow, orange, brown, green, white, clear, purple striped and custom pattterns. Contact us on sales@cablecraft.co.uk or 01582 606033. Minimum order quantities may apply.

Key Features

  • Made from heat stabilised polyester.
  • Unaffected by most chemicals.
  • Passes flame requirement of CEI 332-1, FMVSS 302(Type A)12 according to NF F 16-101.
  • Passes CEI 754-1, CE 754/2, Low Smoke, NFC20452 (Polymer).
  • Halogen Free
Material: Heat Stabilised Polyester
Colours Available: Grey. Other colours are available on request - minimum order quantities may apply: Orange, Blue, Brown, Green, Yellow, Pink, Red, Violet and White.
Monofilament: Polyester Size 0.22mm
Melting Point: +250˚C
Limiting Oxygen Index: 34%
Continuous Temperature: -50˚C to +150˚C
Maximum Working Temperature: +250˚C
Flame Resistance: Passes Flame Requirement of CEI 332-1, FMVSS 302 (Type A) 12 According to NF F 16-101.
Fumes Toxicity/Opacity: Passes CEI 754-1, CE 754-2, Low Smoke, NFC 20452 (Polymer)
Chemical Resistance: Unaffected by most chemicals.
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More Info
More Information
TypeBraided Sleeving
Coil Length (m)100
Max. Dia. mm12
Min. Dia. (mm)6
Pack Size100