Go/NoGo Gauge For Die Part No: UHD56-10RT


Go/NoGo Gauge For Die Part No: UHD56-10RT. Go/No-Go for ease of checking of the size of the die aperture.

Periodic veriication of the indenter aperture, or the across flats of an hexagon die set is most important. The prescribed method is via the Go-No-Go gauging method. A double ended gauge will quickly and accurately check that the dimensions complies with the specification limits. Put simply, the green colour coded end should pass through the opening, the red end should NOT.

Go-No-Go gauges for connector tooling applications are manufactured to extremely close tolerances. The gauges are usually manufactured in two types: the first type are round gauges for verifying the dimension between opposing indentors. It is important not to crimp the gauge as this will adversely affect the indentors. The second type of Go-No-Go gauge is for verifying the opposing flats of a hexagon die set. Two of the opposing sides of the gauge usually have machined flat surfaces for clearance purposes, again it is important not to crimp the gauge.

Cablecraft will be pleased to advise on the correct gauges for your applications.

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TypeRTB-510 Tooling
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Product TypeGo/NoGo Gauges
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Suitable DieUHD56-10RT