A.N. Wallis 5/8" x 1200mm Copperbond Earth Rod


Copperbond Earth Rods offer installers the most economical method of achieving a low earth resistance.

This Copperbond Earth Rod 5/8" x 1200mm is manufactured to BS EN 13601 and has a high tensile strength, and low carbon steel core. 99.95% pure copper is applied electrolytically and forms a metallurgical bond between the steel core and the copper. This combination makes the rod ideal for deep driving whilst also provides lasting resistance to corrosion.

The threads are formed by a cold rolling process which ensures strength and maintains the molecularly bonded copper covering along the full length of the threads. Cold-rolled threads are stronger than cut threads.

Additional sizes are available on request, please contact us for more information at

Material: Pure copper molecularly bonded onto a steel core
Tested: BS EN 62561-2
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BrandA.N. Wallis
Nominal Size Wallis5/8"
Pack Size1
Thread Size5/8" (UNC-2A)
Weight Kgs1.53